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Tune in to ESA Web TV from 02:37 BST / 03:37 CEST on 17 August to watch the Vega launch live.

Vega will lift off from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana carrying Earth observation satellite Pléiades Neo-4 and four auxiliary payloads to their planned Sun-synchronous orbits. Bro-4 rides alongside three other CubeSats developed through ESA: SunStorm, RadCube and LEDSat. 

SunStorm and RadCube will demonstrate miniaturised space weather instruments for use in later operational space weather missions.

LEDSat, a student project from La Sapienza, University of Rome, Italy, is supported by the ESA Education Office via the Fly Your Satellite! programme. This CubeSat will investigate Light Emitting Diodes as a way of tracking satellites in low orbit.

This Vega mission will last about 105 minutes.

Liftoff timing for flight VV19:

French Guiana Washington D.C. UTC / GMT Paris and Rome
22:47 on 16 August 21:47 on 16 August 01:47 on 17 August 03:47 on 17 August

Watch live via ESA Web TV 03:37 – 05:37 CEST.

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Join the conversation online with the Twitter hashtag #VV19.

For live updates follow @esa and @esa_sts.

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