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Join us, and the Moon, for a lunch date like no other starting from 11:30 CEST on Wednesday 26 May. 

In “Lunchtime with the Moon”, you can observe the lunar eclipse live as seen from Australia, and catch fascinating discussions with lunar experts who will delve into the history, significance, and future of the Moon.

New Norcia at night

On 26 May, the Sun, Earth and Moon will align to create a unique lunar eclipse, as our only moon momentarily falls into Earth’s shadow. Unfortunately, it won’t be visible from Europe. Fortunately, in cooperation with CSIRO, ESA will live stream the event from the site of the Agency’s 35-metre deep dish tracking station in New Norcia, Australia.

The programme starts at 11:30 CEST on ESA Web TV. The partial lunar eclipse begins at 11:44 CEST and the moment of “totality” – when the Moon is fully shrouded in Earth’s shadow – occurs around 13:11 CEST.


(all times in Central European Summer Time, CEST)

11:30-11:40 Deep-space communication from Australia
11:40-11:50 All about lunar eclipses
11:55-12:05 What if there were no Moon?
12:10-12:20 Europe goes forward to the Moon
12:25-12:35 Moonlight: Connecting Earth with the Moon
12:40-12:50 Humans at work in a lunar setting
12:55-13:05 Lunar robots
13:10-13:25 Science and future exploration

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